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Kashimura-Inari Shrine / Yao city, Osaka

The origin of Kashimura-Inari Shrine

Kashimura-Inari Shrine
For many years ago the old Yamato River flowed around here and the frequent floods cause nearby people to suffer great disasters.

At that time, Naka Jinbei and his father, who lived in Imagome (current Imagome of Higashi-Osaka-shi) which was the land along the river had been requesting the Shogunate government to replace the river for 50 years.
Finally, in 1704 they got the permission from the Shogunate and replaced it with the current Yamato River. After this replacement, Kashiharaninbei Yoshitsugu of Ota village cultivated the riverbed of the old river and the swampy area over three years. And they  became newly reclaimed rice fields, which were considered to about 24 hectares. This area came to be called Kashimura Shinden in honor of his achievements.

After he decided to establish a shrine he directly paid a visit to Fushimi-inari shrine and transferred the separated spirits to its shrine in this place.
After the completion of the shrine, “safety well-being of one's family” and “huge harvest of the five grains” were naturally prayed there. Although the shrine is called also "Shirahime-jinja"  as an another name, its enshrined deity is "Inakuramitama no kami".  And it is still enshrined as a Kashimura’s Shinto shrine dedicated to the tutelary deity of Kashimura area.

Kashimura Shinden
Kashimura Shinden is the riverbed of the old Yamato River, that is,Tamakushi River. It is a land where Kashihara Ninbei who lived in Ota village cultivated after the Yamato River’s replacement work in 1704. It came to be was  “Kashimura Shinden” after taken one character of his last name. The land had about 20 hectares. The village shrine, Kashimura-Inari Shrine has its remains. There is a trace of Kashimura Shinden Kai on the north side of the shrine. Although its Nagaya-mon gate remained there, it is converted to a private house and hardly retains its original form now.

Kashimura Inari Shrine Summer Festival

Only very young persons and seniors alone carry around 2 tons of futon-taiko(drums). It is unclear why there are no middle-aged people for this festival.

八尾市柏村地区 柏村稲荷神社夏祭り⛩️(2017年7月15日)巡行前 🔶Before the cruise Kashimura Inari Shrine Summer Festival

【柏村稲荷神社夏祭り⛩️(2018年7月15日】 大阪府八尾市柏村町  Kashimura Inari Shrine Summer Festival (July 14, 2018)

These two (2) young female students are experts of Taiko drum.
They’re invaluable assets for our Kashimura shrine summer festival although female persons are prohibited to touch Taiko drum and portable shrine itself in general.

【柏村稲荷神社夏祭り⛩️(2018年7月14】 大阪府八尾市柏村町  Kashimura Inari Shrine Summer Festival (July 14, 2018)

【柏村稲荷神社夏祭り⛩️(2018年7月14】 大阪府八尾市柏村町  🔷太鼓取り外し Kashimura Inari Shrine Summer Festival (July 14, 2018)

Place of Kashimura-Inari Shrine: Osaka Prefecture, Yao-shi, Kashimuracho 4-chome 107