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【Amano Iwate Tatejinja 】 (天石立神社)in Yagyūi-cho, Nara City

【Amano Iwate Tatejinja 】 (天石立神社)in Yagyūi-cho, Nara City

【Amano Iwate Tatejinja 】 (天石立神社) is a Shinto shrine located in Iwato Valley, Yanagi-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture.
There is no main shrine in the mountain on the north foot side of a small mountain called "Toiwayama" at an elevation of 330 meters, and it is a form of worshiping  huge rocks there.

A long rope is stretched between the trees around the three huge stonestone, "Front bow stone", "Front stand stone" and "Rear stand stone".
These giant stones are enshrined as sacred objects.

Front bow stone” is also referred to as “Kobe (Kanbe) Rock”, but it is said that the door stone of Amaiwato has fallen along with the other two stones.
In addition, in 1953, round-shaped "Kinchaku rock" that has fallen from the southwest cliff is added and enshined.

Front bow stone
Divine rock of Toyawa Makoto Mikoto. It is also called "Amanoiwadate Shrine". Plate shape, height 6.0m, width 7.3m, thickness 1.2m.

“Front stand stone”  
Divine rock of Kushi Iwami Mito.  It is also called "Taniwa Saki Shrine". Plate shape.

Rear stand stone” 
Divine rock of  Ama no Iwato no Mikoto. It is also called "Tenritsu Shrine". Plate shape, 1.2 m, width about 7 m, thickness 1.2 m.

"Kinchaku rock"
Enshrined as "Amaterasu Ohime no Mikoto". Also known as "Hyuga Shrine". Round shape, width 7 m, height 7 m. It is noted as a natural worship in ancient Japan that sees huge rocks as the divine spirit.

Many huge stones distributed throughout this place of enshrinement are said to have 3,123 gods.

Address: 789 Iwatoya, Yagyūi-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 

How to get there: From JR Nara Station or Kintetsu Nara Station, take the Nara Kotsu Bus Yagyū / Konchi Nakamura Line for 50 minutes, and get off at "Yagyū", a 15-minute walk.

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