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Senkō-ji (全興寺) in Hirano-ku, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

While in this world, you can see the both hell and paradise. Which world are you going to?

The word " paradise and hell" is often heard in the world.

Senkō-ji (全興寺) is a unique temple where you can see the both places alive.
There are "Hell's Hall" and "Buddhland" in the grounds of this temple.

Senkō-ji (全興寺) is a Buddhist temple in Hirano-ku, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Before entering the Jigoku-do (Hell's Hall), you have to check the freedom and the degree of hell.

If you go to Jigoku-do, you will be greeted by Enma Daioh (The king who can judge your afterlife).  Enma Daioh will explain to you, showing an astonishing video what kind of judgment must be taken according to the content of sin.

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂① /Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂② /Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂③ /Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂④ /Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂 ⑤/Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

全興寺(せんこうじ) 地獄堂 ⑥/Hell hall of Senkouji (temple)

The hall is dimly lit, and the statue of Enma Daio and the demon that is more than 2 meters is placed, and when the Dora in front of Enma Daio is hit, the Daio talks out, and the state of hell is projected in the video.

Many children cry out on the way to the fear and run away. Finally, Enma Daioh says, "Don't go to such places, do not do bad things, cherish your life."

Jigokudo was built in 1989. At that time, middle and high school students bullying and suicide had become a major social problem. Yoshihito Kawaguchi, a priest, thought that he could not do it somehow.

Meanwhile, Yoshihito Kawaguchi was told many times by a old woman in the neighborhood with scared face, "from a long time ago, my parents said," If you do a bad thing you will fall into hell.  "For that reason , even when I got older I didn't feel like doing bad things."

Based on that story, Yoshihito Kawaguchi remodeled the old hall from the Edo period and changed the name to "Hell's Hall".

At first, the door was set to be closed by an automatic door when people entered it, but n  many people screamed out for fear or pushed an emergency bell many tomes, so the door is left open now.

Enma Daioh says "Career life" because children commit suicide frequently.

In the world of paradise, the Buddha Country( "Hotoke no kuni"), the sands of the temples of Shikoku Pilgrimage,88 temples of Shikoku (holy spots related to Kobo Daishi) are stored in the stairs. As you go down the stairs, you will find a mandala stained glass depicting Buddha's world. You can sit on it and meditate. 
Inside, you can hear the sound of the water caves, and around 160 stone rubbs, such as the statue of Kobo Daishi, who was the founder of the Shingon sect, and the honsons of eighty eight locations in Shikoku.

the Buddha Country( "Hotoke no kuni")

全興寺 【ほとけのくに】  平野区 / Buddha room of Senkouji(temple)

Perhaps, if you come to this Zenpoji temple, your way of life may change completely.


Senkō-ji temple is a Buddhist temple of Koyasan Shingon-shu in Hirano-ku, Osaka.
Also known as Hirano Yakushi(平野薬師). There is a secretariat of "a meeting to consider the Hirano town planning", and various town revitalization activities including the Hirano town tour museum are conducted.

In the precincts, a wide variety of facilities such as  "Jigoku-dou"  (hell's hall) that captures the state of hell, “hotoku no kuni” that expresses the world of Buddha, as a “small candy store museum” that is one of the whole town museums, and a playground.

Senkō-ji temple is also known as "Osaka's interesting temple" and "Temple of Disneyland".

During the Asuka period, it was supposed that Prince Shotoku built a Buddhist temple in this area, which was a field at that time, and enshrined a Yakushi Nyorai statue.

The origin of the temple's name is unknown, but there is a theory that it became "Senkō-ji" from "the temple that builds up the whole Kumata area" because this area was called "Kumata". ( builds up means "興", whole means "全".)

547 547-0044 Hirano Honcho, Hirano Ward, Osaka City 4-12-21
JR Yamato route "Hirano Station" south exit
12 minutes walk from Subway Tanimachi Line "Hirano Station" Exit 4
TEl :06-6791-2680

Main hall (Hondo)
Built in 1576. It is enshrined by the Yakushi Nyorai of the Honson.

Yakushi Nyurai is only open on January 8 and 15 nights in Mid-Autumn because of the hidden Buddha.

In addition, the main hall is also decorated with the Jizo head of Kashijiriguchi Jizodo.

There is a legend that in the summer of Osaka, Sanada Yukimura  set up a land mine in Jizodo and attempted to kill Tokugawa Ieyasu, but when the land mine exploded, Ieyasu was out of the seat by chance and escaped the hardship.

Main hall (Hondo)

At the end of Jigoku-do, there is a holed stone where you can hear the sound of hell when you plunge into your head.

Dagashiya-san Hakubutsukan (candy store museum)

This is one of the permanent buildings of Hirano Machigurumi Museum. The temple storehouse was renovated and opened in 1993.
A resident of Senkō-ji, Kawaguchi exhibits hundreds of collections he bought and collected at a candy store when he was a child.

There is a townhouse cafe, "Monzen Chaya Omoroan". run in front of the gate of Senkō-ji (全興寺).

Just outside the Zen Jong-ji Temple, there is the "Newspaper Museum".
This museum is a museum dealing with newspapers in Hirano Ward, Osaka City, and is one of the permanent buildings of Hirano Machigurumi Museum.
It is Kobayashi Shinbunpo, the oldest newspaper store in the city of Osaka.
You can visit as a "museum" only one day a month.

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